Enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers for years to come with preserved roses and flowers

If you love the unmistakable look and feel of freshly cut flowers, but hate the hassle and waste, preserved roses and flowers will transform the way you enjoy flowers in your home. My luxurious arrangements feature the finest real roses, flowers, and foliage, specially preserved to bring a lasting touch of elegance to your interior for several years. With a soft and delicate appearance, my preserved flowers retain their natural beauty and don’t need watering - making them a fabulous choice for a unique bridal party gift or birthday present for the friend who has everything.


You’ll find a selection of preserved flower arrangements to buy here. Each arrangement is designed and carefully put together with my signature eye for colour and detail, ready for its new pride of place in your home.

And if you’re looking for something a little different, I offer a bespoke service. This gives you the freedom to choose several different flowers in your arrangement, and I can usually find a good match for a specific colour if you need to tie into a scheme. Just email me hello@eternalbloomsbyvictoria.com to discuss your ideas in more detail.


So how do preserved flowers work?

When you first see my preserved flowers in person, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re simply beautiful freshly cut flowers. And that IS how they start life, before each handpicked stem is placed into a sugar-like mixture for 7-20 days, while the liquid slowly replaces the natural sap. A few days later they’re rinsed, dried, and ready to be used in exciting new floral designs!

I source the highest quality flowers and organic roses from Ecuador, Europe, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, and China, using boat transportation wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint. Of course, preserved blooms in themselves are a fantastic ecofriendly alternative to cut flowers, which die very quickly and need to be replaced weekly.

If carefully looked after, your preserved flower arrangement should last between 1-3 years. As they’re 100% natural, you just need to follow a few simple guidelines to keep your flowers looking their best for as long as possible:

  • Only display indoors, at room temperature and away from sunlight and high humidity

  • No watering is required - and make sure everyone in the house knows this as it will damage the flowers!

  • As unbelievably real as they are, avoid touching the plants - moisture from your skin can alter their colour and shape

  • If dust collects after a few months, gently remove it by using cool dry air or a soft brush

  • Although the stems will remain flexible, preserved flowers are delicate beauties, so don’t try to move the arrangement around or pull the stems out

Follow these guidelines and your preserved flowers will give you years of enjoyment!