- Will people be able to tell that my flowers are artificial?

Only if they look really really hard… and even then, some people have complained about their flower allergy before they were told the arrangement was faux! The quality of my real touch blooms makes them incredibly lifelike, with an unrivalled depth of colour and a special finish that feels just like the real thing when you touch the petals. Adding a little fragrance to the container will also bring them to life further- just don’t put any directly on the arrangement in case it causes damage.

- But… isn’t the lack of water a giveaway?

I specially source just the right vase to complement your arrangement and never use transparent containers. This is so that the resin or floral foam doesn’t show and there’s nothing to draw the eye to lack of water. It’s another part of the secret that makes my arrangements so lifelike!

- So how do the flowers stay in place?

Resin or floral foam holds the bottom of the stems in place so that your arrangement stays exactly as it was designed. The beauty of this is that there’s still a bit of flexibility and movement in the upper part of the stems- the best of both worlds!

- Are my flowers really eternal?

If you look after them, your flower arrangements should last for years! Just keep them out of direct sunlight as it causes the colour to fade and dust regularly.

- Won’t I get bored with the same arrangement after a while?

Try rotating your flowers from table to table and room to room. It refreshes the eye so you’ll fall in love with your arrangement all over again. You could also display seasonal arrangements that you bring out of storage at different times of the year.

- Can I bend any of the stems?  

Yes, the stems are wired so they can be manipulated if you want to alter the look of your arrangement slightly or put something back in place after they’ve been in storage. Hold the base of the stem as far down as you can without touching the glue or oasis and then gently bend to the desired look.

- How do I keep my flowers clean?

It’s easy, just lightly dust with a clean cloth or use a hairdryer on the cold setting from about 30cm away.

- What happens if I change my mind after I’ve ordered?

I’m confident you’ll love your arrangement, but if you wish to return your order please notify me by email within 14 days of receipt. All returns must be sent in their original packaging and you are liable for return postage costs. The returns address is: Manor Farm Cottage, Kilmeston, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 0NW. Refunds are made once the item is received, and if I receive a notification of your return after the 14 day cancellation period has expired I cannot guarantee any refund will be made.

- Oh no, my order has arrived damaged, what do I do?

Your arrangement will be packaged safely and securely, but in the unlikely event that your order should arrive damaged, you will receive a full refund on return receipt of the damaged goods. Please send a photo of the damage immediately and call or email and I’ll advise you on how to proceed.

- What delivery service do you use and how long will it take to arrive?  

I endeavour to send out your order in 2-3 working days using Royal Mail or a courier service for larger orders. Postal rates are dependent on the size of the package and will be displayed when you go to check out in the shop. For hired arrangements there are several delivery options, including personal delivery within Hampshire, so please get in touch to discuss what best suits your needs.


- Can I have my arrangement gift wrapped?  

All arrangements are sent attractively wrapped in cellophane, however if you would like to include a handwritten card just let me know at the time of ordering and don’t forget to include your personalised message.

- How can I make payment for my hired or bespoke arrangements?  

The online shop accepts Visa and Mastercard payments. If hiring or commissioning a bespoke order, you can pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

- How do I get in touch with you directly?

If you want to discuss anything not covered here, I can be contacted on 07811 446 821, at hello@eternalbloomsbyvictoria.com or contact me here.