Should you choose artificial flowers or real preserved roses?

For homes, offices and events, artificial flowers have gained popularity. But real preserved roses are now preferred by some. What’s the best option for you?

Before we talk about the best floral options, let’s be clear. Whether you buy artificial flowers or preserved roses, there are many grades of ‘quality’ for both. Just because one option may be preferable, you have to be discerning and mindful of the quality - like so many things in life, not all artificial or preserved flowers are equal!

Basically, you get what you pay for and this is why I buy the absolute premium quality for both. 

That considered, now let’s look at the two choices:

Why choose artificial flowers?
Artificial flowers have come on so much over the years and I am sure most homes will have at least one arrangement or sprig!  These flowers can literally last for years and years.  Good quality artificial flowers can also look fantastic. And this is the main benefit of artificial flowers: with minimal care, they will last infinitely and retain their original look.   

Artificial flowers can look fantastic and last forever

Artificial flowers can look fantastic and last forever


Although that is great, some people ask, ‘will I get bored with them?’  I always recommend moving them around your house and placing them on different tables and in different rooms – you would be amazed what a different effect this gives them.  Also, at the end of the day when you would like to replace them with something different, you can always gift them or swap them with a friend!

Artificial flowers do not have a scent, but I do know some people spray them with a room fragrant spray or add some scented oil into the vase.

Why choose preserved roses?
Preserved roses and foliage have not been available in the UK for that long and there are still many people who are not familiar with them.  There really are not many companies in the UK selling the premium grade either. However, for reasons which I’ll explain now, they are becoming very desirable.

Preserved roses look, smell and feel amazing

Preserved roses look, smell and feel amazing


Preserved roses are sensitive little beauties, but if properly cared for will last a long time: 1-3 years is the range you can expect. To maximise their life, I do not recommend putting them in bathrooms as there would be too much humidity. They also do not like direct sunlight as they will begin to fade much quicker. I also recommend that you keep them at room temperature.

Our preserved roses have the most amazing fragrance!

Preserved roses lose their scent during the preserving process but we supply our Rose Fragrance Oil (I believe we are the only company that does this in the UK), which can be gently added into the heart of a few of the roses resulting in an experience like walking past a fragrant rose bush in your garden!

A quality preserved rose head with stem will cost ABOUT twice the price of an ‘A Grade’ artificial ‘real touch’ rose, which is the latex type of rose which feels as close as it can to a real flower.

There is no doubt that artificial flowers need to be kept clean as they do attract dust.  Preserved roses and foliage does not seem to attract the dust as much and can be kept clean with a light brush i.e. a clean makeup brush.  Both can be ‘air cleaned’ by using the cold setting of a hairdryer which should be kept at a sensible distance from the flowers! 

Unlike artificial flowers, preserved roses do have a finite life. However, there are many positives in favour of preserved roses. The look is superior to even the best artificial flowers - after all, it is the real thing! This authenticity sets preserved flowers apart. When you add in our Rose Fragrance Oil and the fact they stay cleaner than their artificial counterparts, the appeal of preserved roses increases. And as mentioned earlier, many people prefer to change their flowers at some point, so preserved roses lend themselves to retaining a fresh look.

Whether you choose one of my artificial flower arrangements or you prefer my real preserved rose designs, you can rest assured that you are buying something for your home that will last a very long time!  

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